American Express FX International Payments responsive online promotional tool.
A promotional destination that Incorporates a currency calculator, news feed, infographic live feed and historical timeline. 
As AMEX FXIP rebranded its service it needed a new way to promote its offerings. Our strategic approach was to create an online tool that served both a promotional and functional role. The portal's sections surfaced the benefits of AMEX FXIP while at the same time making useful FX functions accessible to the user. Proving FXIP's ownership of the intricacies of global foreign exchange and promoting it as the best partner for any FX consumer. 
The platform has three sections: Compare, Inform and Explore. In Compare the user can convert multiple foreign currencies while at the same time uncovering the benefits of purchasing or selling through the FXIP service. With Inform the user can customize their comparative historical flux charts to fit the needs of their investigation. Additionally the charts are followed by a consecutive historical timeline of important world events that coincided with the fluxes displayed. Explore displays a live feed of the day's FX fluctuations and economic news as they unfold. It can be viewed as either a table or a map infographic. The platform is responsive to screens and was designed to be reminiscent of an app experience rather than a web instance. Making it a tool for FX explorers on the go as much as a platform.
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