Digital Strategy and Application
American Express's Inside Edge conference is a yearly C level event held in Hong Kong. 
We created an integrated digital strategy that would streamline all of the conference's needs and communications as well as expand its influence over time and media. Additionally we created a new brand for the conference that reflects its advanced nature and exclusivity. 
The Inside Edge strategy incorporated communications and engagement opportunities ranging from 3 months in advance of the conference until next year's conference. It included digital, physical and social communications that took the invitees from receiving an invitation, registering and travelling to navigating and engaging during the conference. All the way to sharing their experiences and opinions with a dedicated network of their peers Beyond the Edge. During the conference talks, the attendees could interact with the panel on their devices as interactive opinion polls and other information was being forwarded to them in real time. They could also instantly access information about the people in the room with pinpoint accuracy thanks to the app's radar function. Thus removing the need for awkward re-introductions. Following the event the intelligence and content gathered became part of a dedicated content hub that allowed AMEX to further use it for marketing purposes on multiple media. Attendees were given exclusive access to the portal that allowed them to publish content and communicate with their C-level peers.

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