Email campaign management platform for Domino's franchisees. 
Through DICE each franchisee can view the email campaign deployments scheduled by the company as well as customize the offers included in them to fit the particular marketplace they serve. Franchisees can also create their own custom deployments based on the company branding and marketing strategies and deploy them pending the company's approval. Finally the platform includes a reporting feature that gives the users the ability to view and compare their deployments' success and manage them accordingly.
As the franchisees are busy running their pizza shops, they have no time to sit in front of a desktop to manage their deployment. So DICE was created to be responsive to screen sizes to allow them to use it at their leisure. 
The DICE UI was designed with a scalable system in mind allowing it to incorporate more functionality as its usage grew. The system's elements were created to be applicable to multiple of its functions thus requiring the least amount of data stress from the servers and facilitating a faster experience. 

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