A web application that Google's Online Specialists use to track the performance of campaigns they’re managing and monitor their impact on customers.
It taps game and social functionality to make a routine analytics process optimally informative and productively fun. Additionally making it easy for the specialists to connect with their peers, share helpful insights and exchange ideas.
Trinity is designed with a flexible system to accommodate every user’s unique dashboard and grow as the needs of the department change. With the use of discoverable features and a stable UI it is set to satisfy the fast pace of daily usage while remaining engaging. In one compact, visually engaging view, they can see their accomplishments—their stats and numbers, and the action hero-inspired badges they’ve been awarded for achievement within specific operational areas. They can see the kudos they’ve received from coworkers, and “thank you” messages from customers. Likewise, managers can see this same information and use it to inform performance reviews and reward accomplishments. In addition to campaign performance and impact on customers, specialists can see how their contributions matter to the whole company.
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