Concepts and visuals for the 2009 Helexpo international exhibitions in Thessaloniki Greece.
The concepts for the various international exhibitions were created to playfully express their theme while accenting the benefits they provide to their attendees. One of the challenges faced was creating concepts whose word play worked in both the Greek and English language without changing its meaning.
Themes in English
Biologica: Love of Life, Detrop: Tasty Symphony, Energytech: Smart Energy, Oenos: Intoxicating Experience, Philoxenia: Destination Travel, Marmin Stone: Prestige Written in Stone, Infosystem: Restart, Detrop: Tasty Symphony, Infacoma: Founding Institution, Polis: Stop for City, Trofima: Taste Success, DETH (International Exhibition of Thessaloniki): A New Multifaceted World

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