Hormel China needed a new website to showcase the company's products and content in a more connected and engaging way.
The user experience we designed combines a modular paradigm with a hero carousel to showcase the company's promotional campaigns. The modular system makes an easy transition to all screens while creating a stable and easily learnable environment for the user. The design strategy behind the site's design was meant to not only facilitate a more interesting experience but also provide Hormel with an easily updatable system. One that displays well without the need for expensive photoshoots and limits content entries to engaging amounts.
The modular style of the site's content modules was beneficial in creating a stable user experience, simplifying content requirements, making the site's content publishable of multiple media (e.g. SNS) and finally allowing for product and content cross pollination. The company can now effortlessly choose to associate products with content in any way its marketing or seasonal efforts require. 
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