Online digital maturity auditing tool
Companies can use IQd to gage their digital capabilities and uncover useful advice for their next steps to digital transformation. The tool provides easy access to the combined might of Epsilon's digital departments to provide the user with an informed viewpoint of their capabilities and opportunities.
After a short email, name and industry registration the user goes through a series of questions grouped into thematic entities such as Campaigns and Communications, Teams & Organizations etc. The answers are provided through various interactions including rating, on/off toggles, radio buttons and others. Upon completion of the questionnaire the user receives an overall score of Basic, Intermediate or Advanced. Additionally the tool surfaces quick tips for the improvement of each thematic category as well as a dedicated score and analysis of each. After receiving their results the user can request a consultation meeting with the Epsilon teams as well as generate an email with their results that they can share.It was built to be responsive to devices as it was meant to be used in meetings and as part of opportunity conversations. 
The IQd page also includes a content section populated with Epsilon marketing materials as well as article, blog and study content pertaining to digital transformation. IQd is a part of the Epsilon sales and client relations toolkit being used to uncover missed opportunities and further inform the company's clients about the benefits of the company's services. It has also been marketed through online and print channels as an additional access point to Epsilon's capabilities.
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