The Jaguar Landrover car owner app connects the customer throughout a wide range of interactions.
Through the app the user can manage not only their vehicle but also connect to their home devices, navigate, shop and communicate.
The vehicle interface provides end to end management. It includes remote control features, performance and health monitoring, media and comfort control as well as direct communications with the owner's service and dealer. During the vehicle's operation the application reverts to it's drivetime UI. An interface designed to not distract the driver and be used with one hand. Larger actions, simplified display and a unified layout for faster user education. All increase and decrease features of this UI- such as temperature, volume and seat position-are also controlled through the pinch gesture.  
The application also includes beacon functionality that identifies when the user is visiting a Jaguar Landrover dealership and offers unique interactions. Allowing the user to directly interact with the displays in the store as well as monitor their services and communicate with the staff.
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