CRM, MA, Communications and resource management platform for the automotive industry.
A platform that provides intelligent integration across all touchpoints of the automotive after sales pipeline.
Not another dashboard with disjointed information. The platform experience is designed to reflect the objective of conversion and surface the information required to optimize performance.
The dashboard view of the platform is capable of displaying the entire customer lifecycle. From campaigns to communications to appointments to workshops to conversions. The percentages between the stages display the conversion from stage to stage, allowing the user to identify the weak & strong points of the processes and address them appropriately. 
Created to scale across various levels of management. From a country wide, to a regional and dealer levels all the way into the individual responsibilities within a dealership. The modular nature of the UI makes it easily customizable to the necessary permissions and tasks according to the user licence. All the while staying focused on optimizing performance and driving increased conversion. The discoverable features of the UI create a seamless experience throughout the demanding tasks while ensuring safe and linear workflow. The UI elements are designed to retain a stable visual style while including various functions and expansion of the experience. 
The application can be accessed on various devices. It can be used in the physical dealerships to complete service and CRM tasks (such as appointments, loans and customer history). The governing AI allows the application to surface the most relevant and useful information and actions at every touch point.
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