The Pacific Union  application was created to streamline the presentation process for the company's real estate agents.
It can be accessed on all platforms and allows the user to store information, create branded presentations and share them seamlessly on digital as well as physical channels. 
Through the application's management feature the agent can enter information and images for the property they wish to present as well as the company and themselves. Then with the push of a button the information is automatically compiled into a beautiful interactive presentation with Pacific Union's branding. The information and interactive features available include: maps, market dynamics, location statistics, loan and price calculators, interactive galleries and more. Property presentation, financial information and additional features have dedicated workflows specifically designed to guide the user through the experience and protect them from including unnecessary or proprietary information into their presentation. 
Other than storing and presenting properties they manage, the agents can compile detailed profiles of themselves and incorporate aspects of those they choose into their presentations. The agent can also choose to include information about Pacific Union in their presentation from a library compiled by the company's marketing department. These can be in the form of information slides, infographic maps and interactive pages. Finally, after finishing a presentation, the agents can choose to share it on multiple media including email, devices and a printed booklet while retaining the design and content throughout.
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